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About Us

Cybersecurity as a DNA

We are a group of cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts who share the mission to make the world feel safer online.

Today's security landscape is vastly different than it was just a few years ago. Attackers are leveraging advanced techniques and technologies to compromise sensitive data at an alarming rate.
To overcome this and be up to date with these attacks, technically or through threat intelligence means, there must be more tailored solutions targeting cybersecurity professionals and organizations.
Tryaq offers several cybersecurity solutions focusing on the human element to help organizations secure their most critical assets and operations.
Tryaq is built upon two main concepts :
1 - Focus on cybersecurity community needs as they compose the fundamental of the overall offensive and defensive capabilities of any organization.
2 - Handle each organization as a unique case. This requires embedding the human element within our solutions and tailoring the solution to fit the organization's needs to get the best out of it.


Yes, we can do that all at once.

  • Offensive security

    If you're looking beyond the ordinary classic penetration testing, we'd like you to know more about our offensive security services. Let's have a talk!

  • Cybersec products

    We're proud to introduce several projects serving the infosec community and business. More on that on our project's list.

  • Customization

    Need customized cybersecurity solutions or enhancements to the current solutions you own? We're all ears.


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